Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rhianna Look

Skin: Nothing

I took a yellow greenish color and wrapped my eye with that and bottom

Take a burgundy more brown then red color and wrap that around your eye but let some of the greenish yellow show thru

Take black and roughly line your top and bottom of eye. Put some around the tear duct in a V shape.

Add some clear gloss with red pigment for blood and red eyeliner in your water line.
Cheek & Lip:
  • take your lash glue or latax and put it where your cut will be.
  • Walk around do something while it dries
  • Open the middle part of the latex so it creates a cut and we see some flesh hhehehe
  • Then fill the inner cut with red eyeshadow (dark red) n some gloss for shiney blood

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